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UNIQA Cultural Sponsorship
Securing values – Maintaining culture – Connecting people

UNIQA and the sponsorship of art and culture have gone together for many years.

For UNIQA, a private company and the biggest art insurer in Austria, this is based on the conviction of wanting to make a contribution to retaining the high quality of Austrian culture. The sponsorship strategy of UNIQA is to enter into medium and long-term partnerships. The commitment is not restricted to purely financial services. As an active partner, UNIQA opts for individual sponsorship partnerships that are matched precisely to needs and requirements.

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Link between different countries and cultures
Think global – Act local

As a European insurance company, UNIQA Group Austria is currently active in twenty insurance markets.

Apart from the specific regional projects undertaken by the individual UNIQA subsidiaries, we also see the sponsorship of culture as an element that links the various countries and cultures.

For example, the Wenceslas Chronicle in UNIQA’s possession, together with the sister manuscript and other valuables writings held by the Austrian National Library, has been shown in a temporary exhibition in Vienna and Prague, and has been on exhibit in the rooms of UNIQA Prague since September 2010.

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